The Story Of Shed Pickups






The Story of Shed Pickups


My quest for great guitar tone began in smokey pubs where the old guys would get up with battered vintage instruments and tube amps and squeeze out the old standards. 


I would compare their gear to my own and wonder why I couldn't get the tones they were getting even though I could buy pretty much any new guitar and amp and even upgrade the pickups to the only available replacements of the time which were made by Duncan or DiMarzio.


My personal revelation came when I got involved with a guitar building project with a friend. We needed to drive down our costs and the obvious saving would come from being able to make our own pickups.


I spent hundreds of hours researching before I even attempted to aquire the correct materials and build myself  a winding machine. 


My original plan was to make a fully automated winder but this seemed to be a technical nightmare at the time.

So I decided to try the old 'handwound' method. 


The very first pickup that went into our prototype guitar blew us both away and then that is when I decided there must be something about the old methods and materials that made these things as good as they were.

Those tones I had heared from the old guys in smokey pubs were all there and so from out of my shed that very day, Shed Pickups was born. 

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